Hi, I am F4l13n5n0w, an unofficial Pen Tester based in Melbourne since 2017.

I have been loving and studing Infosec and Pen testing, on and off, for over ten years. And proudly, I got my very first Pen testing certificate OSCP in April, 2015 and then tried harder for the certificate OSWP in August, 2016. Recently collected the 3rd offensive security certificate OSWE in February, 2020.

If I am not busy, I’d love to go outside and take some photos to enjoy and record the beautiful life, or just stay at home and read some good books. Oh, of course, the music and beer!

Previous blog: http://fallensnow-jack.blogspot.com/

Contact me

Find me on Github / Twitter or just say Hello at fallensnow.qing@gmail.com.